Sunday, March 25, 2018

March 2018

Happy Spring!  The 14 or more inches of snow we got this week are melting away as warmer weather teases us.  The sun was shining and temperatures were in the 40's.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer until winter is just a memory.

We had a full house today.  All of us worked on the totes for the NICU charity.  We made pretty good progress.  I think the deadline is July and we should be way ahead of schedule.  A picture of those will have to be included in a future blog post.

Progress is continuing on the Round Robin quilts.  I love seeing what everyone else is making and am amazed by the talent and creativity that I see.  We are on round six with only two more to go after this.  I think we are all loving this project, even though some of us may be stressing about it.  Please don't stress-relax and have fun with it.

Now on to show and tell without further delay!

Linda made a memory quilt for a lady who was a talented seamstress.  She used fabric from the lady's own stash.  Linda creatively designed the backing with Snoopy fabric for the husband and the Ravens fabric for the wife.
 The quilt front was made of the lady's t-shirts.  What a great memory quilt!

Sheree finished the top of her tumbler quilt.  She bordered it with red that really made the quilt's colors pop.

Peggy made good use of old jeans and recycled them into this cute bag.  She is also wearing one of her creations-this lovely cowl.  The cameral didn't capture how pretty the colors are on this and how well it went with her sweater.

Sue impressed us with her quilting.  This was a project for her other quilt club using ugly fabric.  We failed to see the ugliness in it!  LOL  Sue used her sit down quilting machine and did intricate quilting on the border of this quilt.  She explained how she used painter's tape to help with measurents.  The back shows the leaves a little bit better.

The following pictures are part of our virtual show and tell.  This little beauty is a basket quilt made with Williamsburg prints.  You can see Sue's quilting on this also.
 How adorable is this!  All three of them.  It looks as though Sue appliqued the dog onto the stocking.

And finally Sue's husband Jim's handiwork!  He has become her quilting buddy!  He made this stocking start to finish.  Sue said he is now working on a Quilt of Valor for one of his friends.

For eats we had a tuna casserole that I brought, a salad from Sue, cake from Sheree, drinks from Cathy and snacks from Peggy.  The salad was so good that there were requests for the recipe.  Sue came prepared! 

This is Sue's Winter Salad

1 head Romaine lettuce
4 oz Parmesan cheese
1 Cup salted cashews
1/4 Cup sweet dried cranberries
2 pears-cubed

1/2 Cup sugar
1/3 Cup lemon juice
2 Tbs Dijon mustard1/2 tsp salt
2/3 Cup veggie oil
1 Tbs poppy seed
Mix in blender-pour oil in slowly.

Next month we will get together April 28th.  See you then!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 2018

We had been teased by Spring with sunny days in the 70's and I am hoping it is right around the corner.  Today was wet and dreary.  It was a perfect day to spend with friends working on quilts.

We are working on tote bags for the NICU center where one of Carrie's friend's baby spent some time.  The mother wanted something to give back the moms for themselves.  She will fill the bags with goodies.

Today we worked on the totes using Rhonda's charm squares.  Peggy and Patty sorted them into piles of coordinating colors.  Then those of us with machines  sewed some of the bags' sides together.  

I may not have the correct info on numbers.  Rhonda said we would each sew 4 bags.  This is only 32 bags and I thought she needed 60.  Maybe we are doing some now and some later.  Rhonda, do you want to clarify for us in the comments?

We will need linings and handles for these.  For next month try to have the bags quilted and you can sew three sides together.  Bring along what lining you may have.

We discussed our Round Robin project.  Some of us are putting a great deal of thought into our blocks.  They have been chosen with a lot of meaning.  Other of us are just making blocks that we like.  I guess we will discover which group everyone belongs to by the comments in our books!

I know that I have been very impressed by the beautiful blocks in each box that I get.  I think we will all be very happy when we get our boxes back and put our quilts together.  I can't wait!

Show and tell was very light this month.  I guess I wasn't the only one not doing a lot.

Rhonda has put the top together for this Bonnie Hunter quilt.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  She is working on a border for it now.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Food was delicious-especially the ham and pineapple sliders.  There was a request that Sue send the recipe so it can be added to the blog.  We also had lettuce salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, fruit mix, lemon bars and brownies.

Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Sliders

1 pkg Hawaiian Rolls
6-8 large slices of honey ham
6 large Slices mozzarella cheese ( I used Swiss)
8-10 pineapple rings, drained
3 TB Butter melted
1/4 tsp. Garlic power
1 tsp dried parsley

1.  Oven at 350 degrees
2. Slice rolls in half (sep. top and bottom) while leaving the rolls connected.  Place Bottom half of rolls in an 8x11 baking pan
3. Top with ham, then pineapple, then cheese and top with the top rolls
4. Combine melted butter, garlic and parsley and pour over rolls evenly, brushing to coat the tops as needed
5. Bake 15 minutes or until tops are golden brown and cheese is melted.  Slice and serve warm
There are a couple of virtual show and tells that were sent to me.  Anyone can do this and I will add your projects to our blog.  I am expecting some from Sue that I will add when I get them.

Rhonda finished the Vent Camp quilt.  After it was completed the children wanted to keep it for themselves.

Patty made this quilt for a friend.  The friend loves it but Patty not so much.  I think once she gets it back after it is quilted she may change her mind.

We will be meeting again March 24th.  We will be more than half way done with the Round Robin part of our group project! Work will continue on the tote bags for the NICU.

Spring will be here by next time too!  Let's hope Mother Nature understands this!

Let's get busy quilting so we have more for show and tell!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

February in January

After a winter hiatus we got together again to quilt.  It was a nice break for me after weeks of sickness for the family in January.

Sue finished her medallion quilt and it is well loved by her husband, who it was made for and dedicated to.  It is absolutely beautiful! 

That's not all Sue had been working on.  She did another sock monkey quilt.  

And she backed it with Minky.  This turned out so nice.

This is Sheree's quilt that she made as a leader and ender.  

Peggy has been making charity quilts and this is a version of the mile a minute quilt. 

Rhonda finished her Wacky Web quilt.

And this little beauty was from a kit Rhonda got during her travels.

And Rhonda's progress so far for On Ringo Lake.  She opted not to do the sashing on hers.

This is Patty's version of On Ringo Lake.  She did choose to do the sashing.

Here is a side by side comparison of the two with and without the sashing.  

Patty brought a special guest along with her today.  (Two actually-you can see Harley helping with a quilt above.)  Teagan is a birthday girl-five years old.  Happy birthday Teagan!

In some of the pictures above you can see our boxes for our round robin quilts.  We are moving along to the fourth round.  From the notes in the booklet and the chatter about these, I think we are all having fun with this project.  

Everyone made it to club today!  We all worked on various projects that are on our to do lists.  On Ringo Lake, an older group project, baby quilts, bags and even an afghan (crocheted).  Peggy, I don't remember what you were working on.

Linda made enchiladas for us.  We ate these with salad, chips and salsa, sangria, apple crisp and valentine chocolates.  We never have an excuse to leave hungry!  Always good food here.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I forgot my camera (first time and hopefully last time!).

We will meet again February 24th.  Three weeks to get those round robin blocks done!

Stay safe and warm everyone!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

This post will only be a virtual quilt show.  I will attach the photos you have sent me of the projects you made and gifted this month. 

These are reversible  place mats Cathy made.

Here is a reversible table runner she made.

And oodles of pillowcases!

And a blanket for the grand dog!

Next are Linda's goodies.  "Finished off a total of 12 quilts since September. Huge huge thanks to Rhonda!! "

This is Patty's "Quilt of Valor and 2 pillowcases wrapped in son's dogtag."

And "Lap quilt for a dear friend in Tonawanda new york...elderly woman who is the mother of my childhood best friend"

 This is my quilt that I finished Xmas eve.  I was going to embroider eyes and mouth on this but I ran out of time and steam!
 This was a last minute gift-appliqued Oliver's shirts onto a fleece blanket.
 A dress I made for Madison and Sarah's shirt in the back ground.  I asked Madison to pose and this is what I got.  She did her own makeup!  LOL

And a table runner.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 2017

Almost everyone stopped in to drop off their boxes with the round robin blocks.  Most of us had a lot of fun with these last month.  There were some that stressed out about them too.  Just remember these are going to be sampler quilts, so I don't think you can go wrong with any block you make.  To make it work with the other blocks, just use that constant.  I am so excited to watch as these progress.

Only three of us stayed to actually sew.  Linda, Rhonda and I worked on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt On Ringo Lake.  We finished our first clue.

We did show and tell when most of us were here.  Sue was working on a sock monkey quilt.  How cute is this?  She explained how it was put together in strip sets.  Now she is doing sampler quilting on it.  You can see some of the quilting she has already finished.  Great project!
 This is my Bonnie Hunter quilt from last year.  En Provence.
 Here is Linda's stained glass quilt.  She said it was pretty easy to put together-it doesn't look like it.
 Cathy's Mickey quilt is ready to be bound.  I am looking forward to hearing the recipient's reaction!
 Rhonda found this antique quilt for a steal.  Hand stitched and hand quilted.  Rhonda, what is the name of the block used in this?
Rhonda's sports quilt.
 And another quilt from Rhonda using the same center pattern.  I think she combined patterns for the outside borders.

Even though there were only three of us, we still managed to have a nice lunch.  Turkey chili, broccoli salad and brownies.

This was our last meeting for the year.  Merry Christmas everyone and we'll see each other next year.  Maybe there will be an early January shop hop-date to be determined.

Virtual quilt show.  Linda sent me photos of Brooke's quilt.

In Linda's own words:  Broke was adopted as a newborn. . I work with Marianne who is in the picture. Marianne’s son and wife live in Va. her son brought her the baby clothes and no idea about the quilt. They all got together at thanksgiving in VA and celebrated Xmas. Her two sons from Fla were up and her daughter/husband from Pittsburgh were there

When Brooke opened the quilt she loved it from the colors that I used. Purple is her fav. Everyone else was amazed and started picking out the onsies they had bought her. I never felt so good about the feedback on a quilt. She was excited to tell me about their reactions. Her son pointed out the butterfly pattern that Rhonda did. Brooke who is now 3. Dragged the quilt with her to the bathroom for her bath. Would not let it out of her sight!

Our schedule for next year.

January 27
February 24
March 24
April 28
May 19
June 23