Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 2013

 It was nice to have quilt club again.  It seemed like a long time since the last club meeting-almost two months-but last meeting was our shop hop.  
Here is my baby chevron quilt completed.
 And the back-cute fabric that I picked up at the thrift shop that worked perfectly with the top.
This was supposed to be a hidden wells quilt that I just finished.  It had been languishing with  other WIP's.  I am really going to try to get these WIP's finished this year.  At least make a big dent in them.
 Here is a baby quilt I made with the extra blocks from the Serendipity quilt I made previously.  That was a Missouri Star Quilt Co video.
This is Warm Blessings quilt that I made for a friend.  The pattern was for a table topper and she wanted extra length added to it.
 This is the back to a quilt that Sue made that has had a long journey.  She made it as therapy for herself and a dear cousin who was suffering from cancer.  Her cousin did not survive and never received the quilt.  Sue attached the handkerchiefs to the back.  They are to commemorate her relatives.  She added embellishments and embroidery to them.  I believe they were for her grandmother, mother and father.
 This is the front of the quilt.  The tulips were for the Dutch Dancing her aunt did.  This is Sue's first large quilt.  The quilt was given to her aunt who cherished it.  When she was updating her will, she wanted to make sure this most cherished item of hers was given to Sue.  So it has made a circuitous journey back to Sue and now resides on her bed!
 Sheree also had a couple of completed quilts.  This is a pumpkin quilt that she got as a kit on the Bedford shop hop some of the quilt club members went on.  The cute pumpkins are machine appliqued.
 This is Sheree's "Jared take a wife" quilt that she started at the Bonnie Hunter quilt retreat,  She added the border to the original pattern.  The colors truly sparkle on this one.  When the weather gets nicer, I may have to take some of these pictures outside so we can really appreciate the beauty in these quilts.  This one was gorgeous!
 Linda is working on her snowman quilt that we started today.  (Sheree finished her top previously!)  These are made in the same fashion as the Christmas Tree quilts we made a few years ago.  Some of us were thinking about making another Christmas Tree quilt, but after making these Snowmen quilts, I for one may rethink that!
Sue and Rhonda discussing something-obviously not the snowman quilt-Sue is smiling!  Just kidding.

The snowmen weren't nearly as insane as the christmas trees.

We missed Cathy and Peg today.  Both have some kind of ugly bug that seems to be going around.  Hope you both get well soon!

Next club date is Feb 23rd.  See you then!