Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 2016

It was a hot day in August today.  I for one am loving this heat.  I get sad at the though of summer being almost over.

There was some sad news for us today, from Sue.  Her husband suffered a heart attack this week.  He got a stent put in and is back home, but Sue is having to keep guard over him to keep him from over exerting himself too soon.  We all hope for a speedy recovery for Jim.

Cathy wasn't with us today due to a pulled muscle in her back.  We hope for a speedy recovery for you too Cathy.  

I think Deb had been nursing her husband too after knee replacement surgery. 

I hope we don't have a lot more of these health concerns in our blog, but unfortunately we are all getting older.  :(

On to show and tell.  Up first are two of the Christmas pillows.  Peggy decided to make hers poinsettias.  Aren't they pretty?

Rhonda finished hers, with wreaths, bows and buttons.  Now I am more motivated to finish mine.  How about you?

We have two rounds to go on out round robins.  At the end I will show Deb's block for her round.  This is Rhonda's.



And Peggy's

Peggy got a Featherweight!  This is the quilt top that she made to test the machine out.  It is a MSQ pattern.

Peggy made a simple Christmas tree wall hanging.  Simple and pretty.
 On the back, she sewed two corner pockets for a dowel rod so it can be hung.  I think this is more suitable for small quilts.  I wouldn't suggest this for a quilt much larger than Peggy's Christmas tree.
 Patty made this string quilt, using muslin squares.  It is a really fun and pretty string quilt.
 This is my convoy quilt that I made for my grandson Josiah's 3rd birthday.
 On the back I used this cute Paw Patrol fabric that Cathy gave me.
 Peggy crocheted this shrug for her relative who works at a cemetery?  Did I get that right Peggy?  It was a square that she folded and sewed arms in it.
 Peggy brought two make and take projects along with her, and we didn't get to them this time.  Linda did make a wine glass stem coaster though and she and Peggy will be able to show us how to make them next time, maybe.
 The other make and take was this bowl cover.  The fabric was adorable and we all want to make some of our own.
 This is a clever, matching casserole carrier.
 This is one of three memory quilts that Linda is working on.
Rhonda just sent me this quilt to add to the blog.  It had already been gifted to Griffin for his 4th birthday.  He is still a Thomas the Train fan.
 Here is Deb's block.  It will look like a circle when sewn into the quilt.  I will really have to try to figure out my colors on this round to pull my quilt together.  Deb used 2 1/2 inch squares and then the tri rec ruler for the half squares.
Patty is doing the final round.  She is doing a simple piano key boarder, so you may make it as large or as small as you would like.  These quilts are getting pretty large,

We had chicken enchiladas for lunch today, along with salad, chips and dip, strawberries, cookies, and cake.

Next month we will be meeting on the 24th of September.

Looking forward, on November 5, we will be meeting up with another quilt club in Lancaster for our annual Christmas Shop Hop.  This new quilt club is a group that Rhonda mentored.  A friend of hers from New York got it started.  I think they are looking for a name for the quilt club-how about Cloverleaf Sisters?  Just kidding.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the summer!!