Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 2016

This year is speeding by.  Thankfully Spring is right around the corner.  Next quilt club was to be the 26th of March, but that is Easter weekend, so we are delaying it for a week and will be meeting on April 2nd instead.  That month sound so nice to me! 

We worked on a make and take today-a really cute star ornament.  I didn't bring mine home and forgot to take a picture, so if anyone wants to send me a picture-I will put it into the blog.  Rhonda had us use strips of fabric folded like binding and then we were to do something like origami with them and if they turned out correctly-really cute stars!  It was fun and funny at the same time.  The person who designed these must have a really creative mind.  

Here are Peggy's stars.  She put magnets on the back.  Very nice.

There were a lot of show and tells this month.  Sue brought her Singer 201 sewing machine-again I forgot to take a picture.  Fortunately I was able to find a picture of one on the internet.  This one is a centennial-you can tell by the blue around the Singer badge.  I am posting this for those of you who may become vintage sewing machine fanatics also.  This is the Cadillac of the old Singers.  I got to sew on her and she is nice!  Thanks for bringing her Sue!

Patty has been making good use of her time.  She brought some beautiful examples of her work.  I think she said the Bear Paws was bought at one of the quilt shows.  It turned out very nice.  Rhonda's quilting is very pretty on this also.
 Patty's hand at applique.  This is just too adorable.  I think Patty is ready for a break from applique for a while though.
Patty's heart quilt is being machine quilted by her.  She is outlining hearts and is going to use sweet little heart buttons in the center of the white space.
 It is hard to believe that Patty has only been quilting for a couple of years.  This is her Allietare quilt-Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt this past year.  Beautiful fabrics and an overall beautiful quilt
And one more quilt to add to Patty's show and tell.  This sweet quilt is for granddaughter Harley.   What a pretty, cheerful quilt.
Patty has also been busy making beach bags.  
 This is Cathy's Disney quilt.  She was unable to be with us, so Patty got to show it to us-finished.  Cathy had the Disney characters sign blocks and then she put them into a quilt.  It turned out great.  What an original idea for a memory quilt.
 Cathy made an Easter Egg table runner.  Her colors were more vivid than the picture shows.  Now Cathy's next step is the bias binding.  It isn't as bad as it seems.  (seams-lol!)
 Rhonda's Downton Abbey quilt is finished!  This is the perfect pattern for this beautiful fabric.  The quilting on it was very Victorian reminiscent to me and was also perfect for the quilt.  It is very lovely.
On the back you can see the quilting a little bit better.  Rhonda made good use of a mysterious extra block!
 The Thimbleberries quilt is also finished.   Rhonda's aunt hand sews the binding on these with uniform, perfect stitches.  She is close to 90 years old.
 I have a flurry of baby quilts to make this Spring.  Two ladies from work and three nieces are all due in April, May and the beginning of June.  This first one is for an April baby.  This is Fancy Forrest.  It was a fun quilt to make.
 Gray and white theme for a niece who won't find out the sex until born.  I am going to use a feathery type panto to quilt this.
 This disappearing 4 patch quilt is for a lady I work with.
 And this plus quilt is for a lady I work with.  The last quilt will be another Fancy Forrest quilt in different colors.  What's with that white circle on my forhead?!?!?
 Linda made a disappearing 9 patch with dinosaur fabric for Bronson.
 And she was busy making pillow cases for friends and neighbors.  She told us a funny story about mixing Star Wars with Star Trek fabric.  You have to know your movies I guess!
 Peggy is going to open an Etsy shop to sell her baby items.  Here is a sampling of what she has made so far.  This is a blanket with hand stitched edging.
 And another one.
 And another.
 These are some of the bags Peggy made for a different shop?
 One of Peggy's cute little bib/coverall and a burp cloth.
 And more
More burp cloths.  Peggy, remember to let us know when you open your shop.  I will post the name and link on our blog.  It is something like Baby Bumperpads!  LOL  I know that isn't right.  It is a name that Ted used to call his son when he was little.
Next club meeting, Peggy will be having us do a make and take that we will need a fat quarter for.  She will provide the other supplies that we need.

For food today, we had subs, pie, cake and snacks.  We were also supposed to have butternut/black bean soup, but that ended up all over the back of my car.

Just an FYI about that-I hit a small bump o the road and didn't hear the little tinkle of the lid on the crockpot any more.  When I had a chance to pull over to check on the soup, it was too late.  I opened the hatch of my car, and soup dripped down into my hair. I was wearing quite a bit of it to quilt club.  It was running down my rear bumper, all over the wells in the car, on my light carpet, just generally a mess.  When I got home I finished cleaning the car.  Next was to clean the crock pot.  That ended up being thrown away.  The little bump caused one of the legs to break off of the crock pot.  My three legged crock pot only has two now.  I would have never thought something like this could happen.  Hopefully this lesson will be remembered next time I need to transport something like soup again.

Happy Spring!!!!