Monday, August 31, 2015

Special Olympics Quilt-August 2015

 Thank you Cathy for sending pictures of our Special Olympics quilt!  I forgot about adding it to our blog until you mentioned tickets.  So for anyone interested in buying tickets-contact Cathy and she will be able to get them for you.

This wasn't a difficult quilt to make, but it was a challenge.  We had to make modifications to it as we put it together.  This was particularly challenging because there was a huge, big, enormous difference in our 1/4 inch seams.  Lots of ripping and resewing.  After all of that, it turned out great.

Thank you Rhonda for the quilting.  The quilt had to leave before we got to see the finished product-I am sure it looks even prettier in person.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 2015

It seems like I was just saying summer finally got here yesterday and now the end of summer is upon us.  I am sorry to see it go.

Rhonda has her Mojo back-I don't think it was missing for very long!  The first two quilt tops are disappearing pinwheels.  The pink one is on the frame.  Just adorable!

This one is a disappearing shoo fly.  What a fun technique to make these interesting and cute quilts.

Rhonda finished her braided border.  I love seeing how these are turning out.

We had a pretty little visitor today-Harley!  This is Patty's granddaughter.  Of course at seven years old, all of our talk about quilts and fabric quickly got boring.  She was anxious to go to a birthday party.  It was nice to meet you Harley!

We had brunch instead of lunch today.  Our frittata didn't make it.  Poor Peggy had to stay home to supervise a new deck.   We missed you Peggy.

We did have delicious blueberry bread pudding that Sheree brought.  She is going to give me the recipe to post.  Cathy brought a yummy Danish ring, and Rhonda provided tasty watermelon.

Cathy got her Mojo back too!  She finished two Halloween table toppers.

And a snowball baby quilt.

Patty's mystery quilt is done, done, done.  Very pretty-quilt and girl!

This the Rhonda's brother's quilt.  Turned out perfect!

I brought some baby shoes and wallets that I made-but didn't take a picture and didn't do much quilting.  I did make a panel baby quilt for my newest grandson Micah, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

Sheree was working on the backing to a quilt she made, Linda was working on odds and ends.  She finished a bag.  Rhonda was working on her Bonnie Hunter quilt.  Cathy was working on her large black, red and white tumbler quilt.   I was working on a miniature tumbler Christmas stocking.

Next month, on the 26th, we are going to do a Fall shop hop.  We are heading west this time.

We missed you Peggy, Deb and Sue.  Hope to see everyone next time.