Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 2016

It is a beautiful day for out last quilt club of the Summer.  Technically it is the first one for Fall, but it felt like a lovely Summer day and I for one get sad to see Summer turn into Fall, so I am going to call it Summer.

The first picture is of the Featherweight quilters!  We now have three in our little group.  We are working on little triangle bags that Rhonda kitted up for us.  

They turned out really cute and were pretty easy to make, zipper and all.  Rhonda led us in this make and take, basing the pouches on Crafty Gemini's tutorial.  
 I took multiple pictures because I was afraid you wouldn't be able to see how cute they are and their shape.  My assistant, Sue, is  holding them on this thread arm!  LOL

In addition to the little bags, some of us were working on our Round Robins.  Rhonda has given us until January to get them completed.  That met with a round of laughter!

We did show and tell after lunch today.  This is Rhonda's Penn State Beach bag.
 Here is a little calf pillow I made.
This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that I made from batiks for one of my daughter's friends.
 Patty has been very busy.  This is a breast cancer top she made.
And an owl top for her daughter.
 This cute picture or Patty includes her Christmas pillow that she finished.  She edged it with red Christmas tree lace.

This Tree of Life quilt is almost finished.  Patty appliqued it for an 80 year old woman and it was sent out to be quilted.  I think Patty said before it had 800 applique pieces?   Now Rhonda's elderly aunt will finish the binding for it.  How old is your aunt Rhonda?

Here is a king size quilt that Patty was commissioned to make.  She had this one custom quilted by a lady in Missouri.  Stunning!

This is a close up of some of the free hand quilting.  This color is a little more true to the actual color of the background fabric.  It was really nice to see this amazing work.

Here are a couple of virtual show and tells.  This is a wine bag and coasters that Peggy made.  I think she is making these for Christmas presents.
This is the beach bag that I made with the vinyl and webbing Rhonda bought for us.

We had some great food again.  Stuffed pepper soup by Peggy,  Hot Wiener Sandwiches by Deb, Patty brought Antipasti salad, Sue brought some decadent cookies from Philadelphia, chips and beverages.  Deb provided the recipe for the sandwiches.  This is from the 70's that she got from a college roommate's mom.  

Next month, October, we will be meeting on the 29th.  

Then on November 5th, we will be doing our annual Christmas shop hop in Lancaster.  We will be meeting up with another quilt club there.  Have they given themselves a name Rhonda?  I am thinking they are from New York, but I may be totally wrong about that.  This club is kind of an offshoot of our club because Rhonda mentored a friend in her quilting, much like she did many of us, and then they created their own club.  

Enjoy these last few weeks of warm weather!!!