Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 2017

We are finally welcoming some nice days and it looks like we will actually get a summer.  I think it is supposed to be beautiful weather all weekend!!

There was a lot of sewing and chatting going on today.  Our projects were rather mixed.  Rhonda was working on memory quilts, Sue and Linda were working on their round robin quilts, Deb was working on a quilt that I believe is for her new home.  Peggy and I were working on valor quilts for a hospice group for vets in VA.  Here is a picture of our work stations as we took a break for lunch.  You can tell we were busy.

You can see this a little bit above.  Sue got this great table to add on to her Featherweight.  It is acrylic and has gold decals etched on it.  She loved working with it.

And on to our show and tell.  Linda is nearing the finish line on her round robin!
 This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that I finally quilted.
 And the Jelly Roll Race quilt I finally quilted.  I did this one free hand.
 Rhonda's niece Libby's graduation quilt.
 and the back of it.
 Rhonda finished her mystery quilt.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  Beautiful!
Cat quilt that Rhonda added tails to the border.  She will back this with Penn State fabric.  I suggested paw prints for the quilting.  I can't wait to see this cutie finished!
 Rhonda made two John Deer tractor quilts for her nephews who will be visiting soon from Germany.

Even though Sheree wasn't here she had a few quilts for show and tell.  This is a jelly roll snowman.  Too cute!

Sheree's beautiful round robin quilt.  It was said this is getting gifted.  That will be one lucky person.

There are a few pictures I will add here when I get them for our virtual show and tell.

This is Peggy's Jared Takes a Wife quilt that she made for a wedding quilt.  This is on my bucket list.  It is beautiful Peggy!

I didn't see all the food we had today so I asked someone from the club to send me an email and I will add it to the blog.  All I know is it smelled really good!  Here is the email Rhonda sent.  Peggy made a grilled chicken salad.  Deb had her famous and delicious Cole slaw.  Cream cheese and pepper Kellie, iced brownies, chips and dip.

Rhonda is going to put together some directions for our next quilt project.  It will have some yardage in a box with some extra matching fabric.  We will possibly be making the first two twelve inch blocks from our own fabric before passing it on to the next person.

Next quilt club will be in July.  July 15th.

Deb will be leaving us soon.  She is going to be busy this summer packing and getting ready for her move south.  She should be able to make it back for at least one more quilt club.  We will miss you Deb!

Happy Summer!