Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 2014

I always feel rejuvenated after quilt club, and ready to get busy making quilts.  This last Saturday in June had the normal affect on me.  I hope all of you feel the same.  I am very grateful that Rhonda got us all together and shares her home with us so we can do this every month.

Cathy made this sea turtle quilt for her grand kids' guest bedroom.  The colors are even lovelier in person.  Those kids are going to love this!

Deb is working on her Celtic Solstice mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  She switched some of her colors-most noticeably the white for the black.  The quilt just sparkles!  I can't wait to see more of this one.  I think Cathy said she has her fabric-is it cut out too?  And Linda still wants to make it.  Deb's will hopefully inspire you girls to get started!

Here is a memory quilt Linda made for a friend.  This young man's mother will truly cherish this.
 This is the flimsy I made for Lacey for graduation from college.  It is the Fire Escape pattern.
 We were working on borders for the Special Olympics quilt today and......
 here is the flimsy of that completed!  It's such a pretty, cheerful quilt!
Rhonda made us cheeseburgers on the grill-they were wonderful.  We had potato salad, pepper slaw, a veggie salad similar to a broccoli salad, fruit, chips and a fruit tart.  

Next month we are planning on going to the Hershey Quilt Show for our meeting.  We talked about going up Friday, July 25th.  Check your calendars and see if that will work for you.  

Until next time......