Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 2012 Quilt club

 We had a small gathering for quilt club this month.  There were just five of us-Rhonda, Pam, Deb, Linda and Peggy.  We still managed to get a lot accomplished, as you will see later.  But first.....
Deb made a cute little "I love Grandma" set for her friend.  There were bibs, burp cloths and receiving blankets made out of adorable flannel prints.
 Than Deb had her finished table runner.  She did stippling in the center and the lines on the border with her DSM.  Great job Deb.
 Here is a partial sampling of our meal for the day-pork tacos with refried beans, chips and salsa, veggie tray, blueberry pie and ice tea.
Linda had her Hearts and Doves quilt for show and tell.  We made these as a group and she recently had Rhonda quilt hers.  Beautiful!

 Out of this chaotic looking scene comes some wonderful quilts.  The five of us worked on our charity quilts.  The club made blocks and sent them in if they were not able to be at the meeting today.  We put all of the blocks together.  Then we made a pieced border for the one going to the Special Olympics.  Linda will be making the border for her charity quilt.
 Here is the quilt while we were working on it.  One pieced border is on it at this point.
And here is the quilt top finished.  It is a really pretty quilt.  Now we will have to decide on color of thread to quilt it with-Rhonda threw out the color silver!  Wouldn't that look fantastic on this?  We also have to decide on the panto pattern.  Between Rhonda and me, we have a nice little library of pantos now.

Next month quilt club will be at a quilting retreat with Bonnie Hunter! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 2012 quilt club in June

Linda, Sheree, Pam, Cathy and Rhonda started two of the charity quilts. We need a total of 60 blocks to complete two quilts. We decided to go with 5 across and 6 down. We made 720 triangle squares today and cut enough 4 in squares to make the rest for a total of 960 triangle squares. We completed 4 blocks so we have 56 more blocks to complete. If we divide them among the 8 of us, that would give everyone 7 blocks to complete. Let me know if you have time to complete before next quilt club which is June 23rd and I will get them to you. If not, we can get them finished at next quilt club. The four blocks went together really easy and quick.