Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 2011 Quilt Club

I forgot my camera-didn't even think about it actually.  Cathy had hers, but I don't think she took any pictures.  This will be a pretty plain post.

We finished up the tops to the three charity quilts we are making.  Rhonda and I will be quilting them and hopefully all three will be finished before the end of summer.

Rhonda had a mystery project for us to make.  Here is mine.  These bags were quick to make and the jumbo rickrack made a cute bag even cuter.  We learned a new technique for adding zippers to bags that I will want to try to master on my next bag.

Peggy was unable to join us because she was in the process of adding twins to her family.  I am sure we will get more details and perhaps pictures later.

Rhonda, Cathy, Linda, Sue, Deb and Pam were all present for quilt club.  We had the usual array of good food.   Rhonda provided Sechrist hot dogs cooked on the grill.  They were delish!  We had macaroni salad, chips and dip, fruit and dip, and a wonderful pumpkin pudding.

Next month we decided that we will go to The Quilt Odyssey in Hershey for our club meeting.

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