Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Annual Christmas Shop Hop

We started our day by meeting up at Rhonda's house, then driving to Hershey to meet up with Cathy.  Cathy's birthday was Friday-so Happy Birthday Cathy!  Cathy was so gracious to be our chauffeur for the day.
Our first stop was Martin's Fabric Barn in Myersville.  This was a new shop for us.

They had a nice selection of fabrics. The prices compared to Sauder's-our old favorite.

Cathy bought some fabric for her Easy Street quilt.

Martins' was a little complex-fabrics here, yarn and gifts upstair,
another building housed iron knick-knacks, another had household item like candles, curtains, quilted purses, etc.

Deb is buying some Christmas gifts in one of the other buildings where you can see some of their wares.

We even saw some hexi tiles in their outdoor furniture area with a couple of flower designs.

We went to Burkholder's Fabrics in Denver next.  This is an old time favorite.  It is a beautiful shop with a huge selection of fabrics.  Comments were  made about the lighting being Otte type lighting so you could see the true colors of the fabric.

They even have deer in a pen outside so husbands who aren't quite as interested in the fabrics have something to do.

Peggy, Rhonda and I are standing in front of one wall that has a huge selection of rulers.  I even saw a ruler here that I couldn't find on the internet.

Next we met up with Linda, who was delayed due to being a super responsible pet owner and taking her dog to the vet for his yearly vaccinations.
We met at a local restaurant for a nice lunch and small break in our adventures.

Sauder's was next on the list.  I didn't even think to take a picture here as we come to Sauder's so often.  

Next stop was Obie's country Store in Goodville.  One reviewer of the store said, "so much fabric it's frightening."  I will have to agree.  The pictures speak louder than words.


There is one more fabric shop to visit.  This one we spied on our way to Obie's.  It is Goodville Fabric Outlet, just a few doors away from Obie's.  The front section was quilting cottons.  There were back rooms that went on forever with upholstery fabrics, polyesters, etc.

We decided to go to Good's next.  This is a variety store that carries a nice selection of fabrics.  We did buy a few pieces of fabric, but I know I didn't get to look around as much as I would have liked to.  Stores close early in Lancaster.  We had about 15 minutes til closing time.  Enough time to do a little bit of damage to our wallets.

One more stop in our day.  We went to a candle/ dried flower/ craft store.  If someone gives me the name I will update our website with that info.  This was another huge store with extra large Christmas decorations, rooms of scrap booking supplies, candles, country decor, etc.  

We were finally running out of steam and congregated in their little food court.  We all enjoyed this Shop Hop so much we decided this will not be a one time thing.  There are a lot more shops in the Lancaster area for us to explore. We are sad that we don't have great fabric stores in York where most of us live, but we acknowledged we are really blessed to be so close to all these stores with such great prices on their fabrics.  

On our way home we stopped for dinner and unwound from this wonderful day.  Great fun with a great bunch of ladies.


Anonymous said...

Rhonda says:

We had a great time, leisurely shopping through Lancaster County. We decided to make this more than an annual event. There are many more quilt and fabric places in Lancaster County to visit. Thanks Cathy for driving. Can't wait to do it again.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time doing what we like best, fabric shopping!!! It was nice to spend the day together, even though the weather wasn't the best. Can't wait for our next trip to Lancaster and shopping other quilt shops. Merry Christmas!!!

Peg said...

I'm Anonymous. Forgot to sign in.