Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 2014

Show and Tell time!  

Sheree's little twister heart quilt.

Sue's sports fans' wedding quilt-side one

and side two.

Peggy's Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt for her husband to sell raffle tickets for their charity.  Peggy, you will have to tell me the charity again-I keep forgetting.

And Peggy's Civil War Flying Geese quilt.
This is Rhonda's little twister heart quilt.

Rhonda's Rectangle Wrangle-a Bonnie Hunter pattern.

And Rhonda's mystery quilt completed.  Another Bonnie Hunter pattern-Celtic Solstice.

Rhonda taught us a new technique for making Kaleidoscope blocks.  Rhonda had a  ten inch square marked off on her cutting board.

She put a marking three inches from each corner of the square.

Ten inch squares-right sides together-were put into the frame.  Then the cutting begins.  Line up the ruler from one three inch mark at the top of the frame to the three inch mark on the bottom of the frame at the other side, on an angle as shown and cut. 

Then without moving the fabric, move the ruler to the other markings on the top and bottom and cut that angle.

The next step is to place the ruler on one marking on the side to the opposite marking on the other side-still at an angle, and make that cutting.

Finally move the ruler to the other markings on the side and make that last cut.

You will end up with two shapes-the triangle and the kaleidoscope piece.  Sew them together from tip to end, using your contrasting pieces.

You will end up with two kaleidoscope block as shown.  Rhonda said to iron seams open, but I ironed mine all in one directions without any problem.  For the final seam though, I twisted my center seam in the back, where the points met, so I had a mini kaleidoscope on the back.  This helps the block lay flat.
 Here are our final results.  Linda and I decided to make ours into table runners.

Peggy is making hers into a bikini top (just kidding!) and Rhonda and Sheree are making theirs into a square table topper.

This was a fun, new technique that I am sure we will be using again.  Thanks Rhonda!

Everyone was here this month-it has been a long time since that happened.  Great seeing everyone.  We ordered Chinese, ate, sewed, talked and laughed together.  Another great quilt club.

We will be meeting again April 26th.  Happy Easter!

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