Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014

It was so nice to get together for quilt club again.  I, for one, am hoping to get my quilting mojo back.  Even Rhonda said she just didn't do as much quilting as normal.  Seeing some of the lovely quilts that have been made lately will hopefully be inspiration for those of us who need it!

Linda is finishing her sampler quilt where everyone chose a block and it was incorporated into a quilt.  The purples really brought this one together-great job Linda!
 Here is another quilt Linda did for a college graduate (using her high school t-shirts).  As you will see, Linda is not one who has been suffering from lack of quilting initiative!
 This is Rhonda's niece's graduation quilt with all of her camouflage fabrics.  What a fun quilt for a girl into nature and hunting.
 Peggy finished her graduation quilt for her nephew with the musical theme.
 This is a lap quilt Peggy made using one of Missouri Quilt Company's tutorials   I bet Peggy has made more of their quilts than anyone!
 Another one of Linda's projects in the flimsy stage.  She is thinking of making this into a baby's quilt.
 This is a flimsy of the table runner I made using last month's Dresden plate block.
 Sue's creative juices are flowing as she designs a wedding quilt for her daughter.  Here is her "block" for the quilt.
 These are the blocks we worked on this month.  Linda had us sew a four patch together with contrasting charms.  Then we measured in from each corner two inches.  We used those marks to cut the block with four lines, on the angle.   You can see the angle we used by looking at the block.  Then we turned the middle square 1/4 turn, and took the triangular pieces and moved them each a 1/4 way around the block.  (Next time I will have to take pictures of the process!)
 We started what may be our last Special Olympics quilt.  Rhonda had the fabric pre-cut for us.  It is going to be similar to around the world in Christmas/winter prints.  We started sewing them together.
 Peggy and Rhonda sewing rows together.

It seems as though many of us had to leave early for weddings, sports, babysitting or other family obligations.  Peggy and Rhonda were the last men standing when I left.  How much of the quilt did you two get together?

This picture answers that question!  The middle of the quilt is done!  Now for the borders.  Very pretty!

We had subs, macaroni salad, corn chips, strawberries and watermelon, and chocolate/peanut butter brownies to eat.

Next month we will be getting together June 28th and Peggy will be showing us the disappearing pinwheel block.  Hope to see you then!


Cathy said...

Great as usual Pam. Sorry I wasn't there.

Peg said...

Rhonda and I finished the top except for the border which is still in the calculation phase. Had a great time today. Love the Disappearing 4 Patch square.