Monday, August 25, 2014

August 2014

It has been two months since our last quilt club.  We were going to try to get together for the Hershey Quilt show, but life got in the way for some of us, so only a few quilters went.  Rhonda said it was the same vendors, same stuff.  

Busy, busy, busy is what our quilters have been-lots of quilts and bags.  I know some of mine went to new homes before club, and I am sure that others did too.  These are the ones that managed to come to quilt club for show and tell.  

Our artsy quilter, Sue, brought the wedding quilt she has been working on.  Lots of interesting stories were told about the quilting, the patches and the bridesmaids!  
Here are a couple of the patches in close up view.  Sue's husband Jim even made one!!

Sue is making these beautiful bags for the wedding party.

And more bags!  Rhonda's Tumbler bag from a Missouri Quilt pattern and template:
 Peggy's bag number one...
 And bag number two....
And on to the quilts.  I am sorry, but I might not remember the details of these-I might have to admit I wasn't paying as much attention as I usually do.  :(

Linda's quilt using the block that Rhonda taught us a few months ago.
 I don't see a face with this one-I think it is Linda's but correct me if I am wrong.  This was a pattern that Rhonda had used earlier this year, I think.
 There's Linda again-so helpful to have your face with the quilt. I would have remembered this memory quilt though.  So sad that this is one of the types of quilts we make.
 And Linda's baby quilt for a coworker who just adopted a baby.
 This is Peggy's table runner made with applique squares.  Love this and the quilting!

Peggy made this with the same block Rhonda taught today from Missouri Quilt company.  Great job-colors are beautiful.

Here is the block before it is cut apart and sewn back together.

And here is the block completed.

This is one of Linda's quilts that she made long ago and stuck in a box to try to forget.  Good thing that didn't happen.  All of that hard work paid off and this quilt is quite lovely.
 Here is our Special Olympics quilt for this year.  Is this a trip around the world of some sort?

Here are some dresses I made for my granddaughters.  (and why I try to avoid pictures!  I was thinking you girls shouldn't hide behind your quilts and bags because we are only going to be older next month.  I need to keep that in mind too.)

And finally-Sue and my Singer 301's.  Sue has caught the fever!!!!  We normally sew on our featherweights for quilt club, but now we will be bringing in her big sister too.  Next month it will be the black 301's.

Linda made a nice little stomboli for us.  (Linda-if you share the recipe I will put it in here.  Deb brought her famous coleslaw.  Cathy brought her nephew's recipe for salsa!  And we had fruit, meat and cheese, drinks and cake.

The usual gang was here for quilt club.  It was nice we could all get together!  I hope we can do the same next month.  Next club meeting is September 20th.  See you then!

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