Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 2105

What a good day to be quilting with friends.  It was unseasonably cold and rainy today.  We didn't mind the weather as we worked on our projects.

Patty was up for her round of the round robin quilt.  She opted for a braided border.  Patty is actually working on two of these at one time!  She finished her round on her blue quilt.  Looks great!
 The purple round robin still needs the braided border.  Just some subtle changes made the quilt look so different.

 The rest of us need to select our colors and get this border on our centers.  Unfortunately for Peggy, who was on vacation during this club get together, she was elected to design the next border.

Patty's quilt finished larger than Rhonda's and mine-she made the border next to her star wider.  I think ours ended up measuring around 34-35 inches.

Sue and I spent club time working on the Special Olympics bargello quilt.  Most of that time was ripping out mistakes.  Here is Sue putting a border on with her Featherweight.  The finale of the quilt top is below!
 Patty and Cathy made beach bags with Rhonda's tutelage.  Here is Patty's
  And Cathy's.
Our bargello quilt!  Rhonda is going to quilt it and hopefully this one will bring a lot of money into SO's coffers!  The colors are much more vibrant.  When it is finished I hope to take it outside to photograph.

Rhonda had some quilt tops that I didn't get pictures of.  Please don't gift them until I get pictures of the finished quilt!

We will be working on a new leader/ender quilt.  It will be triangles cut with the tri-rec ruler.  Use a 4 1/2 inch strip to cut them.  There are nine of us in quilt club.

Next meeting is July 25th.  At that time we should have Patty's round on our round robin quilts and be ready for Peggy's round.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  See you all in July (except for Sue who will be vacationing at the beach!)

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