Monday, September 28, 2015

September shop hop!

We enjoyed our Gettysburg/Hagerstown shop hop on the 26th.  This was the first time many of us visited these shops.  Pricing is quite different than the Lancaster shops for the most part, but it was still fun to see the shops displays and fabrics anyway.

The first shop is The Finishing Stitch Quilt and Fabric Shop in Gettysburg.  They have woolens and period clothing making supplies in addition to quilt fabrics.  Do you see Mary Koval's 1775 Palampore?  Bonnie Hunter was giving one of these panels away on her blog.  I think it was $47.  There were other fabrics there from Mary's collection.

Just some more pictures from the shop.

Everyone found something at this shop.

This is at Shady Grove Fabrics in Greencastle.  It wasn't a large shop, but once again we all managed to find some fabrics to buy.

Our next stop was Wilson Quilt Shop in Hagerstown.  There were beautiful quilts with extensive machine embroidery throughout the shop.  We got in trouble for taking pictures.  We were told all the pictures were on their website-  and that people put a lot of work into their quilts so they didn't want pictures taken.  I don't think I will be making this quilt from a picture-but Sheree may after she retires!

I did take a few pictures before we were admonished for doing so.  We fell in love with this pillow.  Now this would be something we could make without a pattern.

This is Bonnie Hunter's Smith Mountain Morning (I don't think they gave her credit for this. Tsk Tsk)

And another one that was completely machine embellished.  This is the last "legal" picture I took.

I really liked this one and just had to have a picture.  This is a Turning 20 variety in yellows and grays.

 This looked like one of Bonnie's too.  Her spider web string quilt.  It was so pretty with the colors they used.

Sheree inspecting a triangle quilt.  This could be done with our rulers on strips sewn together.  Easy Peasy.

A pretty bargello. I couldn't sneak pictures of some of the other quilts.  They had a Frozen quilt that was amazing, a Mickey Mouse quilt that Cathy fell in love with.  Sheree is talking about buying one of the embroidery machines when she retires so she will be able to make some of these.  Check out their website.  The link is at the first picture from their shop. I didn't get pictures of the machine embroidered quilts, except for the couple above.

We stopped at the Green Turtle for lunch.  We had to speed the kitchen up because it was discovered that the last quilt shop wasn't opened as late as we thought it was.  They were going to keep it open and extra half hour for us!

I forgot to get pictures inside this shop, so Cathy and Patty stood by the sign at the door.  They had a "yard sale" going on in the basement where we all made purchases before going upstairs to the main store to buy even more fabric.

After the Traditions White Swan, we parted ways to head home.  The group I was with were talking about Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum and we decided to stop.  I got a picture of Rhonda and Deb with the truck to share with their own Mr. Eds!

I didn't think to take a picture of the market bag that Rhonda made.  You can barely see it in this picture.  Rhonda will have to show it to us next month so I can get a real picture of it.

We made a quick tour of the museum and then bought a little bit of candy.  I was most impressed with the seasoned crickets and worms they were selling.  No one wanted to sample those.

Here is a little bit of show and tell.  My neighbor recently had surgery, so I made her the chevron table topper that Patty shared on Facebook.  I used some of my shirts for this.  Turned out cute.

Did anyone add up how much you spend on fabric?  I was shocked to see that I spent a little more than $80 and this is what I have to show for it.  I see the colors are way off.  The mat is the green cutting mat, and the pile of fabric that is not mostly pink (do you see a theme here???) is aqua and teal.  These will go into my purse; I finally have fabrics I love for it.

This is one of Cathy's projects that she has finished.  Fun Halloween prints.

 And another-just a little bit different.

This is a comfort quilt Cathy made for one of her friends who is battling cancer.  Very nice Cathy.

These shop hops are so much fun-I just wish we knew what Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt was going to be this year.  Talking about BH's mystery quilt-I really should finish mine from last year.  It is on my design wall waiting for a backing and to be quilted.

Next month, I believe quilt club is going to be on the 24th.  Peggy will probably be ready to share her round of the round robin quilt with us.  I hope to see everyone there!

Thanks for driving Rhonda!  

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