Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 2015

It was a beautiful day at Cloverleaf Quilt Club.  This was basically a nonscheduled meeting, but it was pretty full.  We missed only Sheree and Sue.  Patty stopped in to pick up some quilts and we got to see some of her show and tell.  

Everyone kind of worked on their own thing.  Rhonda was working on her round robin, Peggy was working on pajama bottoms for the grands for Christmas, Cathy was working on a flannel quilt for her grandson, Linda was working on a quilt for her nephew, Deb was working on baby gifts and I was working on my mystery quilt.  I think we all made a lot of progress.  

And now for show and tell.  This is Rhonda's Hot Cross Buns.  This is a Bonnie Hunter quilt from the quiltmaker magazine.  She used her bin of 1 1/2 inch strips for this.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  We will have to get a "cleaner" picture of it when it is finished.

Patty has really made progress on her round robin quilt.  She has her applique star border done on her blue and white RR quilt.  I am looking forward to seeing how she interprets the border for her purple version.  She is making two of them!

Sorry for turning Patty and Rhonda sideways, but I liked seeing the quilt like this instead of sideways.  I had to decide who was not going to be wonky, and the quilt won!!  Rhonda quilted this for her.
 Rhonda quilted Patty's Texas Tumbleweed quilt, so it was ready for show and tell too.  Just beautiful.

Cathy made this cute Maryland Terrapins quilt.

This is the quilt Linda was working on today-and she finished the flimsy!  It is a half square triangle quilt.  I love this interesting layout.  This is for her nephew who recently moved to NYC.

Rhonda fed us today.  She made an Italian bread taco meat type sandwich which was delish.  She also made a granola mix out of brown rice Triscuits.  That was addicting.  We also had chips, veggies and dips.

Next Saturday we will be going on our annual Christmas shop hop.  We are going to be meeting Deb at the Galleria Mall at 8:30.  I guess we will meet Peggy there too.  I think the rest of us will be meeting at Rhonda's earlier.  Patty may be meeting us at Kitchen Kettle Village-our first stop.  We will have to get an email out to verify all of this.

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