Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 2016

Welcome Summer!  We had a small gathering today for quilt club, Rhonda, Pam, Peggy, Sue and Deb.  We missed the rest of you!!

I had to take a picture of the food for today-it was so pretty!  We had smoked chicken salad, made with Greek yogurt.  It had grapes, almonds and apple in it.  Soooo good.  Deb's cole slaw, which we all love, The salad kabobs, made by Peggy-were a pretty touch to our meal.  Rhonda made a salted caramel pie that was brought down later.  That was to die for!  Yum!
 Peggy is the only one who had show and tell!  I guess retirement is agreeing with her.  This is an MSQ pattern.  I am sorry but I forget the name.  Peggy made the strip blocks, paired them with a plain block and then cut it into quarters to create this affect.
 Is this crocheted slipper not adorable?  Peggy sent the link, and I will add it here for those who want to give this slipper/summer shoe a try.  She made it with the bottom of a flip flop.  This is definitely on my bucket list.
 And Peggy has made bags, bags and more bags.

So, thanks to Peggy we had a show and tell this week!!

We worked on our Round Robin quilts.  Rhonda is almost done with Linda's round.  I have barely started.  I think we are at all different stages of this quilt.  Deb mentioned curves for her round?!?!  Lots of anticipation on what she designs for us!

Next month, July, there will be no club get together.  We will meet again in August, on the 13th.  I may have to assign someone to take over the blog for August if I am not able to be there.  I have five grandkids with birthdays that month.

Have a great summer everyone!


Linda said...

Everything is lovely, and the food looks delicious! You have a lovely blog. :)

JustPam said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and thanks for visiting Linda!

desideri chic said...
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