Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 2016

Wow-a lot has been going on with our members.  I hope for a speedy recovery for all of you.  Rhonda, Peggy and Sheree all had surgery since last time.  Peggy had two surgeries.  Rhonda will be going to Sue for some physical therapy next week.  Good luck with that.

Rhonda was able to host quilt club in spite of her recent surgery and we thank her for that.  She was even sewing, but did tire easily.

Show and tell didn't have too many participants this time.  :(  I know I was in a slump of sorts, though I did finish the batik quilt I was working on.)

Sue is making progress on her medallion quilt.  I love the red, white and blue theme.  I really like all of our quilts with all of our different interpretations and color schemes.

 Patty's breast cancer quilt is finished.  If you look closely you can see Rhonda's pink quilting on it.  This turned out very nice.
 And Patty's owl quilt is finished.  She had a nice warm flannel used for the backing.

Cathy's "God's Greatest Gift" quilt is finished.  Very nice.
  Cathy's Disney Signature quilt is finished too.  I think she said this one took three years to finally get finished?  Samantha is going to love it!
  And that is all the show and tell for this month.

Our food was delicious, as usual.  We had beef barbeque, veggie tray, pumpkin roll, another veggie salad, potato salad and Garlic, Herb and Nut cheese spread with sweet potato and roasted onion Triscuits.  I had a request for the recipe, and being the lazy blogger that I am, I took a picture of the recipe from the back of the box. It was easy to make and surprisingly good.

Thank you to Patty for getting us all paint chips for Bonnie Hunter's next mystery quilt.  Now we have an idea of what we will need to buy on our Christmas shop hop next Saturday.

On November 5th some of us will meet at the Galleria around 8:30-8:45 to go to Lancaster.  We will meet up with the rest of our group at Shady Maple.  There we will also meet up with Rhonda's friends from New York.  (Did they ever name their club?)  We will start out with breakfast there.  Rhonda wants to make sure her friends get to see Obies.  We will probably hit Goods and Kitchen Kettle,  Burkholders was mentioned.  Hopefully the weather holds out and we have another beautiful day to shop hop.  Details will follow in emails.

We will have quilt club the Saturday after Thanksgiving-November 26th.  I hope everyone has recuperated and will be able to get there.  The first clue will be out for the mystery quilt by then-how many are on board to make this?  I think Patty, Pam, Rhonda, and Cathy are in so far.  

 See most of you soon!