Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015

Happy New Year everyone!  It was great to get together again and do some sewing.  But first, our show and tells.

Rhonda had some time over the holidays to work on her projects and quilting for others.  This is her Disappearing Pinwheel quilt top.  The borders were made with bonus triangles.
 This is a wall hanging that Linda made and Rhonda quilted.
This is Linda's quilt that she made for SIL Tony.  She made it extra long and will put a tuck in it for his cold feet!  It will be lined with a flannel sheet and Rhonda will quilt it.
 Rhonda's pinwheel heart quilt.
 And her pinwheel hot pad.

This is the Downton Abbey purse that Rhonda made from a kit she bought while on our quilt shop hop last month.
Rhonda quilted her Grand Illusion mystery quilt and another one, but they are at her aunt's getting their binding sewn on.  We should get to see them next month.
 Sue made this flag from a kit she bought at Mary's quilt shop in Bedford.  The stars field is appliqued.
 This baby quilt was made with a panel and matching fabric.
 And the backing is a totally different quilt with minky added.
 Sheree was with us for the first time in months.  She has been busy planning her daughter's wedding.  This is for her future son in law, and I think it is the same pattern Linda used for her SIL.  How different they look with the different colorways.
 This is a baby quilt I made for my step daughter.
 The back of the giraffe quilt.
 This is a hat that i knitted.  I am enjoying knitting as much as quilting now.
Another cowl that I made and one of the headbands I sewed.
 Here is the start to our Round Robin quilts.  When the center star is done, we are to add a border to it to make it 16.5 inches square.  For most this should be a 2.5 inch border, but measure to be sure.  The next round Sue is going to design for us.  This should be a lot of fun watching this quilt progress.  I can't wait!
We discussed making the Special Olympics quilt early so they have more time to market it.  Bring your quilt patterns with you next quilt club, February 28th, so we can decide on the quilt and start piecing it!

Rhonda, Sue, Deb, Sheree and Pam made it to quilt club this month.  We missed you Cathy, Peggy, Linda and Patty.

Stay warm and safe everyone! 

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