Friday, January 2, 2015

Virtual show and tell

We didn't get to do a show and tell during our Shop Hop, so I decided to share what we have been making lately.  I asked everyone to send me pictures, and here is what I got.
 Cathy started us off with one of her pillow cases she made for Christmas presents.  I think she said she made 14 of these.  Adorable fabric!  (I didn't get a photo of the entire  lot.)                                                              

This is Cathy's baby quilt she finished.

This is Ryleigh's dinosaur quilt I made for her for Christmas.  This was on hold until the two days before Christmas when I got the final fabric, which was on back order. (I had to order from another store-it never came in at the store where I ordered all the other fabric.)  I was tired.  Worked on this for two solid days to get it finished.
 This is Tiffany in one of the cowls I made.  I made 5 in different colors.

 Ryleigh with the back of her dino quilt.  I think she may like the cats side better.  :(

One of the other cowls.  Plum was the other color.  These were made with local alpaca yarn which she hand dyed.

 This is the baby hat I knitted for Tiffany's baby.  The same type of alpaca yarn.

 These are from Peggy-pajama pants.
 Peggy's Christmas table set.
 Peggy's Christmas stockings
 And more of Peggy's Christmas stockings!
 Hat and cowl set Peggy made.

 One of Peggy's scarves-beautiful.  If this one was kept for you I would love to see it in person!

Another one of Peggy's pretty scarves
 And another one of Peggy's pretty scarves.

And last, but not least, Griffon's quilt from Rhonda.

Happy New Year everyone! 

Rhonda suggested counting the number of projects you completed last year-let's try to remember that and bring it to quilt club the end of this month.  I bet we accomplished quite a bit among all of us.

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