Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 2013

It was so nice to get together again.  So sorry that you couldn't make it Peggy and Sheree.  We had an interesting time!

Up first is our show and tell.  This is a quilt that I made for a little boy who has Congenital Heart Disease-TAPVR -Pulmonary Vein Stenosis.  Here is Houston's Facebook page if you are interested in reading about him.

 This is my Spanish Jewels quilt that took me about a year to make.
 This is Rhonda's Jelly Roll quilt all quilted.  She is going to make a scalloped border on this.  I can't wait to see that!

Rhonda finished her snowman quilt.  I think when they are all done I will have a blog with all the snowmen quilts.
 Rhonda's tumbler quilt is finished.  This is the one that inspired me to finish mine.  I wasn't liking mine until I saw this one.  I am going to put all of these together on a separate blog too when we have finished all of ours.
 This beautiful t-shirt quilt is for Rhonda's niece's graduation.  Rhonda is a pro at these.

Linda, out quilter who hated applique, appliqued these cute towels as gifts!

Linda's Lone Star cross that she is going to make a pillow out of.  Beautiful!

And Linda has gotten on to the dress making craze for her granddaughter!  This is her pillowcase dress.  So cute.
 Linda's blue and brown quilt finished with her four patch label!

Look at those faces!  This is pretty much how we looked all day long.  Our charity quilt was a little bit more complicated than we thought it would be.  We only have about two rows made.  Sue took a row home to sew together.  We have to lay it out before we can sew it together to make sure the blocks coloring lines up correctly.

 I think when it is all together it should be pretty cute.  It looks pretty chaotic now!
Next quilt club will be June 29.  I hope everyone will be able to make it then!

Sauder's is having their sale the previous weekend.  I would love to go.  Maybe some of us can get together and make a road trip.

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Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

What a gorgeous design! Thanks for linking up to the Kate Spain blog hop!